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109 Disasters Coordinated

Ready Now: Multi-Agency Disaster Relief Coordination

dallas tornadoes

Dallas Tornadoes

Crisis Cleanup helped dozens of relief agencies in the Dallas area assist survivors.

hurricane sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Our first major incident, more than 120 organizations and 30,000 volunteers used Crisis Cleanup to assist more than 5,000 families.

tx / ok floods

TX / OK Floods

The Texas-Oklahoma floods devastated Wimberly, TX and other small towns. Crisis Cleanup was the coordination system of record for community relief efforts.

boston snowflakes

Boston Snowstorm

The Boston snowstorm of 2015 paralyzed the city. When volunteers by the hundreds helped their neighbors, Crisis Cleanup helped them coordinate their efforts.

black forest fires

Black Forest Fires

Crisis Cleanup was used extensively during the Colorado Black Forest Fires.

south nj dericho storms

S. NJ Dericho Storms

More than 700 volunteers helped several hundred elderly residents remove downed trees in Southern New Jersey. Crisis Cleanup drastically improved efficiency and coordination.

Crisis Cleanup is a free, award-winning, ready-to-use, open source application that connects disaster recovery organizations with the people who need help.

self-organizing volunteers

How do you direct 30,000 volunteers from 100 organizations to 5,000 locations across a 500-mile arc in 8 weeks?

You don't. You let them organize themselves.

Crisis Cleanup empowers relief organizations to instantly coordinate response efforts in real time, redirecting thousands of volunteers from to waiting lines to survivors' basements.

Crisis Cleanup was developed by and for field volunteers, team leaders, canvassers, and the people who work one-on-one with survivors whose homes have been affected by flood, tornadoes, earthquakes, wind, fire, or other disaster. Crisis Cleanup can respond to a new disaster the same day, permitting relief organizations to instantly coordinate efforts.

Crisis Cleanup implements a "Craigslist" philosophy to recovery efforts– organizations that are aware of work orders enter them into the system, and organizations with capacity to help can claim and perform the work. The system is not public, but it is open and transparent among participating organizations. No centralized organization is "in charge." This non-threatening approach minimizes duplication and maximizes communication, coordination, and efficiency.

While entering a client into Crisis Cleanup does not guarantee that he or she will be served, it guarantees visibility and maximizes the chances for assistance, while helping relief organizations prioritize their limited resources.

Disaster relief organizations may join as long as they:

  1. Have a physical presence in the area
  2. Interact directly with survivors
  3. Perform property assessments or remediation
  4. Are reputable (e.g. are a VOAD member or come recommended by a VOAD).
  5. Committed to open data and collaboration. Crisis Cleanup is open-source and free of charge.
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Organizations Using Crisis Cleanup

  • American Red Cross
  • National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
  • City of Houston
  • Good Done Great
  • Good Done Great
  • international organization for migration